Facebook Ads: a must for all businesses

Globalization and technology allow us to be connected all the time! It doesn’t matter where you are, if you have access to the Internet the world is in your hands.  

If we ask you what platform do you use to keeping up with your friends, which is the first one that crosses through your mind? No doubt, we bet your first thought was Facebook.

Facebook is the Number 1 platform, it has the largest amount of active users and let’s be honest about it, everyone checks Facebook at least once a day, so this is definitely a fact all businesses should take advantage of to start to build -or improve- their presence on the social network.

But, what’s the deal with Facebook’s algorithm and the content? Most businesses focus on bombing their audience with content publishing every day because they think the more they publish, the more they will be seen. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many posts you publish per day if you don’t make any investment in ads you probably will be seen only by 5% of your current followers or less.

If that 5% doesn’t interact with you, the spectrum will be closed and your post will be forgotten. If people start to give you likes, reactions or comments the spectrum will open to 7% and depending on its performance the post will have more organic reach. But this will happen only if you have “luck”, Facebook is doing everything to make you invest in ads.

This is because of Facebook’s algorithm, nothing is free at this time and of course, they want money too! Organic reach on this platform is basically a myth. What you can do best is to focus your energy and time on creating valuable and high-quality content (not in quantity) and boost your posts and Business Page according to your goals to get the awareness you are looking for.

Kleiner Perkins made a survey where it was found that 78% of American consumers discovered products on Facebook, so ads in this platform are a must and something you have to include in your marketing plan.


Said that, you might think investing in ads is something beneficial only for Facebook but actually, it’s more beneficial for you than what you think. Here are the basics reasons why investing in Facebook ads will be the best decision for your business:

It’s cheaper than regular advertising: you don’t need to invest millions of dollars to get reach. You can actually invest any amount you want and your retributions will be always bigger than the invested amount, especially if your ads are optimized.

Measurable results: Facebook for business gives you access to a lot of indicators to see and measure your ads performance. You can see how many people you reached, how many felt interested in you, how much money is every click costing you, etc. This way you can see the impact your ad is having and make changes to improve it if necessary.

Specific target: this is the biggest advantage Facebook has, no other platform has a segmentation tool that lets you be picky with your audience. This social network helps you to make sure you are targeting the right people with a very accurate system so your money is spent to really reach the people who will engage with your brand.

Specific goals: you can focus on specific goals according to your needs such as getting new followers, get engagement, web traffic, build a database, etc. With specific objectives, you can have better control over your communications and the implementation of your strategy, which will help you to know what path to follow to achieve your milestones as a brand.

Giving an opportunity to Facebook Ads is a win-win strategy for any business. You can have big results with a lower cost if you use the tools properly and follow Facebook’s recommendations.

Have you invested in Facebook Ads? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments.